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Child Rights Award 2017

“Desperate for Love”, a drama produced by Yomiuri Telecast and broadcast by NIPPON TV Affiliate Stations of Japan showing the trauma of a woman who was abused by her own mother when she was young and the lifelong consequences of the abuse, has won this year’s Asia-Pacific Child Rights Award.

“Desperate for Love” was praised by jurors “The drama shows the importance of a parent’s love or lack of it and this drama manages to deal with this in a dramatic way with great acting. A powerful, emotional approach to making the audience understand the agony of people who’ve experienced child abuse”.

The Child Rights Award for Television was established by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), CASBAA and UNICEF in 2001. It recognizes the efforts of broadcasters and producers in pursuing high quality children’s television and better coverage of children’s issues, and is given each year to the best programme on children’s rights produced in the Asia-Pacific region. This year’s award will be presented during the CASBAA Convention in Macau, on 7 November 2017.

“The winner of this year’s award is a creative drama that shines a spotlight on the potential lifelong impact of childhood neglect and abuse,” said Christopher de Bono, Chief of Communications, UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific. “It is an excellent example of the power of television to speak about important child rights issues in a compelling way. UNICEF congratulates Yomiuri Telecasting for this excellent programme.”

Christopher Slaughter, CEO of CASBAA, said “CASBAA congratulates Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation and NIPPON TV Affiliate Stations for their unflinching look at childhood hardship and courage in “Desperate for Love”. Our industry touches hundreds of millions of people daily, and is a powerful tool to raise awareness of the plight of children in need. On behalf of the industry, CASBAA salutes the on-going participation of broadcasters from across the Asia Pacific region in this year’s Award process.”

Dr Javad Mottaghi, ABU Secretary-General said, “The film is about a family tragedy. As is the case with most common family problems, the victims are the children. Communication breakdown, a lack of discipline, parenting concerns and a lack of respect very often lead to all kinds of problems and affect the family environment. Desperate For Love is a highly thought-provoking production and the ABU is delighted to be part of the whole contest.”

Here is the link to watch the winning programme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jz4X4bYlNCU

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